3 Types of Work Injuries

Suffering an injury at work can leave you sore in more ways than one. The workers’ compensation process is daunting and can leave you feeling stressed and anxious. Who is going to pay for your medical bills once all is said and done? Are you going to have long-term issues now? You may work in an industry where, thank goodness, you don’t feel like an accident at work would happen. There are different types of injuries one can suffer anywhere and at any time.

1. One-Time Accidental Injury

Walking across the threshold at work, catching your shoe on the edge of a mat and falling face-first onto the floor is most likely a one-time accident. While your pride is pretty bruised, your body is as well. A fall at work that is the direct result of negligence on the part of the employer, such as a misplaced floor mat under iowa workers compensation law is eligible for legal protection under those guidelines.

2. Repetitive Injury

Do you have a job where you are forced to perform similar actions day in and day out? When you develop pain due to these job functions, you may not realize it is job-related. Repetitive injuries include carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar tunnel syndrome, knee problems and the like. Typing, walking, running or standing hours on end for days that lead into years can have an impact on your health.

3. Psychological Injury

Under Iowa workers compensation law, stress and anxiety caused by adverse working conditions may qualify an employee to receive benefits due to a psychological injury.The employee must demonstrate that the environment at work is the direct cause of psychological conditions, such as loss of sleep, appetite, difficulty concentrating and even depression. While it is not always easy to prove, it is something that happens.

If you believe you have suffered an injury at work, report it. Even something like sore knees and an aching back from lifting a box could get you money under workers’ compensation laws.