3 Things You Need to Know Before Renting Audio Visual Equipment

If you’re planning on hosting a large event, you may need to rent some audiovisual equipment. You may not always need this type of equipment on hand, which is why purchasing it may not be practical. When you’re looking for a good audio-visual equipment rental service, however, you need to make certain that what you’re getting will actually meet all of your needs. Here are three things you need to know before you rent audiovisual equipment.

1. What Do You Need?

The first thing you need to know is also the most important—what equipment do you need? The term “audio-visual equipment” includes a wide range of different things. For audio, you can rent everything from a basic microphone to a sound mixing board that lets you mix music, sound effects, and multiple microphone inputs together. As far as visual equipment goes, you can get everything from a small screen to a large movie-sized one that includes a projector.

Your AV needs are going to depend on what your event is. For something like a conference or speech, you may only need a microphone for a great vocalization experience. For a concert or theater production, you’ll want a full audio setup. If you’re showing a presentation with a film to a large audience, you may need a large screen and some audio equipment for your emcee. You can get a good idea of your needs by considering your audience, your venue, the number of people speaking, and what special needs your event includes.

2. How Large Is Your Event?

It also helps to know how large your event and venue are before you look into audio-visual equipment rentals. That’s because you may not need the biggest or loudest equipment. In fact, sometimes using equipment that’s meant for a larger venue in a small area can detract from your event. Speakers that are too loud or a video screen that’s too large can overpower your presenters. If you’re uncertain how large space is, knowing the number of audience members can help. If you plan on having about 100 people watch your video presentation, you likely don’t need a video screen large enough to see from 50 rows back. On the other hand, if you’re in an arena, you probably want a sound system that can reach all the way to the back seats.

3. How Long Will You Need Your Equipment

When you’re considering audio-visual equipment rental for events, remember that you’ll want to be sure the equipment is in place a day or so before it’s actually needed. In some cases, you may need to have the equipment for a week or more. For example, if you’re putting on a theater production, you want to allow your cast to do a full run-through of the show with all of the equipment in place a few times so they’re comfortable with it. On the other hand, if you have one speaker who is going to talk for about 30 minutes, you may not need the microphone set up until the morning of your event.

If you have these three pieces of information, you’ll find that deciding on the audio-visual equipment you need takes very little time at all.