Grow Your Business’ Presence on Instagram


Instagram may be a fun photo and video sharing application, but like any other social media platform, who would have thought that Instagram could actually be utilized to support your online marketing efforts and drive sales?

Many businesses have now embraced the internet and fully utilized it for their marketing as well as advertising needs. The result is nothing short of mind-blowing, if online shopping was once a bit frowned upon as it was a completely new concept to grasp, people these days are completely the opposite. Majority would rather shop from the comfort of their own home – why would one risk braving the harsh summer heat when they could easily browse the items they wish to purchase and have them delivered to the door after a few taps and clicks? The majority of people nowadays do not only rely on handheld devices, they depend on it. They use it to find a location, they use it communicate, they use it to do activities such as shopping and banking, they even use it as their source of entertainment as well!

This is exactly what many businesses take advantage of. Once seen as a secondary application, it has now made into one of those primary applications and it’s all because of Instagram’s notoriety for being an effective tool for building a brand’s online presence and attract customers. Many people judge a brand by its visual presence, which is the reason why Instagram is incredibly effective.

However, building a strong online presence on Instagram is no easy feat. It may take you a period of time to build your follower base before you may finally generate engagements which will then eventually lead to a boost in sales. Of course there is a shortcut, large global businesses may opt for Instagram advertisement to drive their follower count and raise brand or product awareness but that may not be an option for entrepreneurs or small business owners as it will most likely cost an arm and a leg. What alternative do we, as an aspiring entrepreneur or small business owner, have to get more Instagram followers? Social Media Rush is the answer to that question.

Many may offer similar service, but most of them do not provide you with real followers let alone real engagements that can benefit you in the long run. This is what set Social Media Rush apart of its competitors, not only does it provide you with real followers, it also works with you to tailor a social media strategy that fits your needs in order to find your target audience. With your Instagram account linked to their dedicated system, you can only focus on handling the posts as it already takes care of finding, engaging and interacting with your potential and organic followers through your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The best of all? You can get the service with such an affordable price as follows:

  • $89 for one account
  • $159 for two accounts
  • $224 for three accounts