The Top Six Most Frequent Workplace Accidents – and What You can Do for Compensation

Accidents happen all the time, and can have some serious consequences. Since we spend about one third of our day (and in many cases more) at the workplace, it should come as no surprise that many unwanted incidents happen at the workplace. Despite most employers doing everything they can to prevent such accidents, the fact is that time and time again people are hurt during the fulfillment of their duty. The sad fact is that they can usually be avoided, and that their causes are often due to either negligence or improper procedures. If you feel there is significant danger at your workplace, this one’s for you: the top six most frequent workplace accidents – and what you can do for compensation.


Most common injuries

  • Slips and trips. These kinds of accidents happen in all environments and often result in head and back injuries or broken limbs.


  • Manual handling. Manual handling (such as lifting heavy objects or manipulating items of large volume) can lead to musco-skeletal problems and injuries.


  • Electrical accidents. Faulty electrical wiring or faulty electrical equipment do not only result in electrical shock, but can also lead to severe burning.


  • Traffic. Traffic accidents often result in fractured or broken bones as well as fatalities.


  • Plant and machinery incidents. Often lead to amputations and in worst case scenarios fatalities due to loss of blood or the body going into shock before help can arrive.


  • Chemical damage. Chemical products can lead to severe damage to the eyes, the lungs and airways, or severe chemical burns.


Your employer’s duty


It is your employer’s duty to ensure a safe working atmosphere and to do everything possible to provide the employee with all he or she needs to perform his or her duties safely – this includes proper gear, proper training, and proper procedures.


What to do in case of injury

Immediately report and document the accident and gather evidence. Consult a legal professional right away.


The fact is that you have a duty to seek compensation – not just for yourself and for your loved ones, but also to ensure that these accidents are avoided in the future, and that similar incidents don’t happen to other people. Remember: if nobody does anything about it and brushes it off as something that commonly happens, thinking it’s just part of the job, then nothing will ever change. If you have ever been a victim of an accident at work such as a burn injury, then consult a legal professional as soon as possible. It will give you much better chances of seeking burn claims and just compensation, and will put regulations in place to avoid more of the same thing happening to other people. It’s the right thing to do.


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