How To Choose The Best SEO Services For Your Website

A website is nothing without SEO. You can have the most brilliant content, and yet lack the traffic you deserve. Building it isn’t enough for people to come. You need to optimize it for search engines, otherwise you won’t be getting anywhere on your path to success.

    1. It’s Not Easy To Pick The Right SEO Services Provider

The only problem is that optimization is a very delicate business, so you have to be careful when choosing your SEO services provider. A wrong move can get you penalized or even banned by Google, so you need to evaluate your potential contractors thoroughly, in order to avoid getting in trouble.

There are so many companies offering SEO services, that you won’t have a problem in coming up with quite a good list of candidates for your job. When you evaluate them, you should ask them to provide you their work portfolio with specific examples of web pages and keywords they’ve managed to rank. You should run these keywords through Google’s keyword tool, in order to get an estimate of their traffic volume and competitiveness. In addition, you should check the Page Authority and Domain Authority of top ranking websites.

    1. Various Ways To Go

If an agency suggests you to join private networks for buying links, you should stay away from them, as that’s one of the best recipes to land a penalty. It’s already a well-known fact that Google is after such networks, so you risk to see your efforts blown away in as little as a split second. A reliable SEO services team should rather develop a plan for acquiring high authority, relevant inbound links, as these are the ones that matter most in this game.

The suggestion to develop a network of web 2.0 properties to use as tier 1 links is also something that should be taken with a grain of salt. These support websites are best for tier 2 links. However, they can make good tier 1 links, but only if you populate them with high quality content. They should look and feel absolutely legit, as the smallest mistake might cost you the entire network and maybe your whole business.

The best approach to choosing your SEO services provider is to put together detailed briefing and give it to all candidates. Once you receive their proposals, you are going to have some good material to work with. Although black hat and gray hat methods and practices can bring you a good competitive edge on short term, they aren’t sustainable, so you should stay away from agencies that suggest you take this shady route. The strategy they intend to use and the link profile they want to help you develop are the most important elements of the project. Creativity is a strong asset in this area, so pick the most creative agency, as it probably has the highest potential to produce viral content which is the Holy Grail of internet marketing. A viral piece can bring you lots of legit, high quality links, so it can make you a winner, even if it won’t happen over night.