Are Freelance Accountants Online to be Trusted?


It is enticing to hire freelance accountants offering their services online. You can find them in Craigslist or other job sites. If you check their rates, they are a lot lower than accounting firms or if you hire someone to work for you full time. The bigger question though is, can they be trusted?

Before you partner with them, you have to understand that you are sharing with them huge information about your company’s finances. This is not a laughing matter. If these documents are leaked, then it could damage your company. People will know how much your company owes and to whom you owe money. If you can’t trust this freelance accountant to keep the information in strictest confidentiality, then it could pose real threats.

Another thing that you need to consider is that you will be working with this person online. It is like having a virtual accountant. Though it makes the process easier, it also makes it less secure. You can’t run after this person if he does something stupid. There are also times when accountants make mistakes. For a full time accountant working for you, reaching out to him to correct the mistakes is easy. For someone whom you have just met online, this might not be an easy thing to do. What if your business is penalised for the mistakes the freelance accountant has committed? You cannot run after this person or tell him to pay the fines. You might not even expect to see this person again once the payment has been sent.

Hire firms instead

Don’t bother hiring freelancers if you can simply hire accounting firms. There are a lot of them operating both online and in your local area. They are more trustworthy. They also have a pool of accountants who can work with you. If their team member fails to deliver, they can always ask someone else to extend help to you. It is also easy to run after the company or even sue them if they place your company in danger. If they leak the information that you have shared, then they can be penalised. They might even be closed for their actions.

In short, it is better to let go of the idea that freelance accountants are a better choice. Even if their services are cheaper, accountants central London offers from accounting firms are still more trustworthy. You just have to give them a call now and enquire about their services. Once you have agreed with the terms and conditions, it is time to close the deal and start working with them. It does not have to be a long and difficult process.


Image via (Stuart Miles)